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Enviro-Syn® HCR-3000™

Enviro-Syn® HCR-3000™ is part of the “Environmentally Responsible” Synthetic Acid™ replacement product line that is a strong, odourless, non-oxidizing, non-volatile acid alternative with zero halogen‘s. Will not produce chlorides

Acid Alternative

Enviro-Syn® HCR-3000™ is a safe and effective acid alternative to typical HCL blends. It is ultra-high temperature stable and does not produce any chlorides therefore making it very beneficial for critical sour workovers.

HCR-3000™ is classified Yellow for Norway / Gold for United Kingdom / R  for Netherlands within the North Sea providing your operations with unrivaled performance and safety.


  • Low corrosion
  • Zero Halogens
  • High Temperature Stability
  • Sour pipeline / operations compatible
  • Typical Elastomer Compatible
  • Minimal Exothermic
  • High Solubilizing Ability


  • Non-Fuming
  • Readily Biodegradable
  • Non-Volatile
  • Low Toxicological Risk Potential
  • Low Toxicity
  • Considered a Non-Irritant to Skin Tissue
  • Free of Nitrogen, Phosphorous and halogens
Fluids products have multiple applications in the oil & gas industry covering upstream, midstream and downstream. Almost anywhere an acid is applied we have an environmentally sound, safer and highly effective option for your company. With over 26 patents granted or pending and dozens more in progress, Fluid Energy Group is the leading force in research and development in the alternative acid market on a global scale.
PROPERTY HCl ACID Enviro-Syn® HCR-3000™
pH <0.5 <0.5
Activity Immediate Immediate
Dissolving Capacity High High
Reaction Rate Highly Volatile Rapid
Metal Corrosion Extreme Low
Biodegradable NO YES
Health Rating 3 – Severe (poison) 1 – Slight (eyes)



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