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Fluid life sciences products are manufactured under an NHP Site Licence with GMPs as well as multiple ISO processes


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Amazing company with incredible service. Their products are great for cleaning, sanitizing and disinfecting. Would definitely recommend Triton products to others. 

Fluid encourages collaboration and cooperation between industry, academia and government to create a vibrant scientific ecosystem for the development and deployment of our products and processes.

Featured Products


Our Triton Hand Sanitizer is a liquid sanitizer made using 80% USP Monograph ethanol. This product is fast-acting and eliminates broad-spectrum microbicidal activity in accordance with stringent health standards.

Health Canada NPN 80097749

FDA NDC 76944-080


Clean Shots™ provide a unique single serving of our antiseptic gel hand sanitizer. With 70% alcohol content, this product effectively kills bacteria/germs and is ideal when soap and water aren’t available. The easy-to-use, convenient packets fit in purses, lunch bags, briefcases and pockets.

Health Canada NPN 80104328


Our Triton Surface Disinfectant product is a highly effective cleaning product that kills 99.99% of viruses, bacteria and fungi. It is ideal for use on floors, walls and flat surfaces like meeting room tables and countertops. 

Health Canada DIN 02500361

Other Products

Triton™ Hygiene Surface Cleaner

At a time when keeping our living and working environments clean and sanitized is of the highest importance to our collective health and safety, having the right product at hand is vital.


Available in domestic and industrial strength formulas, Triton™ Hygiene Surface Cleaner is a fast-acting, quick-drying product that will effectively clean any surface without leaving a film or residue.

Triton™ MSX-Ultra Disinfectant


Powered by hydrogen peroxide, this proprietary product delivers superior performance while displacing quaternary amine-based products with an alternative that is safe and effective. The advanced formulation of MSX-Ultra is both bactericidal and virucidal, killing 99.99% of bacteria/viruses – including SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19* – in 5 minutes, ensuring optimal results fast.


5.25% USP Grade Hydrogen Peroxide | Din 2515512

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