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SixRing™ develops advanced chemical technologies aimed at reshaping the energy, chemical, food and pharmaceutical industries.

SixRing™, a division of Fluid Energy Group®, is dedicated to the development of a suite of patented chemicals, formulas, methods and processes to contribute to global sustainable development. The new technologies are applied to a wide variety of sustainable biomass for the manufacture of functional materials, renewable fuels and specialty chemicals.

Sustainable Biomass




Minimal Environmental Impact

Functional Materials

Renewable Fuels

Specialty Chemicals

Renewable Fuels

SixRing™ has developed low-energy processes for biomass conversion into fuels.


Differentiated Technological Advantages

  • Net energy gain: Process occurs at ambient pressure and temperature. The process results in a net energy gain, in the sense of energy economics, meaning that the energy required to harvest the feedstock is less than the energy gained from using the feedstock.

  • Less carbon intensity: Process uses underutilized and sustainable biomass, and low energy feedstock pre-treatment.

  • Upgrading/refining readiness: Existing infrastructure can be used to produce sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) and other biofuels.

  • Minimal waste: Process enables chemical reuse and high yields.

Functional Materials

The SixRing™ proprietary process enables the transformation of sustainable biomass into value-added products including cellulose microfibers, microcrystalline cellulose and nanocellulose for a range of applications.


SixRing™ cellulose can be used as an excipient for tablet manufacturing. Pharmaceutical manufacturing companies use microcrystalline cellulose of defined purity and characteristics of particle size, density and moisture for different applications.

Cosmetics and Personal Care

Consumers have become more conscious about the ingredients used in cosmetics and personal care products. Consumers increasingly look for natural products and ingredients. SixRing™ cellulose is used as moisturizing agent, protective agent, thickener, stabilizer, texturing agent and binder.

Food and Beverage

SixRing™ cellulose is used as fiber supplement and to increase the fiber content of food. Cellulose can be added to protein and energy drinks. Cellulose is not only a friendly food ingredient for health-conscious individuals but it is also a desirable ingredient for the pet and animal food industry.


SixRing™ cellulose can be used in concrete, paint and coatings. Cellulose is used in cement for mechanical and rheological properties improvements, setting time control, density reduction, and early cracking reduction, among other benefits. In paint and coatings, cellulose can improve rheological and mechanical properties, provide stability to pigment suspensions, and reduce density and cracking.

Specialty Chemicals

SixRing™ proprietary processes are used to isolate and synthesize pure chemicals from biomass feedstocks to function as ingredients in more complex speciality chemicals for agriculture, food, personal care, manufacturing and more. The lignocellulosic biomass provides a cost-effective, non-petrochemical feedstock for the production of biorenewable chemicals.


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