“Altiora petimus”

With millions of gallons deployed around the world, in almost every application where hydrochloric acid is utilized, Fluid Energy Group has a proven solution for your operations that will yield success while eliminating most of the operational and HSE risks associated with using hydrochloric acid.


With a broad offering of products designed to cover fracturing, spearheads, matrix stimulations, injection & production well treatments at most any temperature with any completion method, Fluid is your only stop to optimize your operations

Achieving operational success while bringing a level of safety to the public, employees and the environment unrivaled in industry is Fluids main objective while setting the stage as the new incumbent technology in the world of acidizing.

Our investment, your advantage

Our team of dedicated scientists is constantly improving, evolving and expanding Fluids technology to better serve your needs.

Here at Fluid we deploy a large portion of our revenue to research & development. With over 50 patents pending or granted and dozens more in progress you can rest assured you are working with a leader in the field of acid alternative technology.

Fluid Energy Group has a technical laboratory support system as well as associations and relationships with the world’s largest chemical companies, 3rd party laboratories and a global patent strategy benefiting not only our stakeholders, but you the customer.

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Our HCR-2000 Series of patented compositions greatly reduces the hazardous effects of HCl, such as the dangerous fuming effects, hygroscopic effect and the highly corrosive nature (the Cl – ion will not readily bond with the Fe ion) without removing the performance advantages of hydrochloric acid. HCR-2000 will provide your operations the power of a mineral acid with the safety of an organic acid
pH <0.5 <0.5
Activity Immediate Immediate
Dissolving Capacity High High
Reaction Rate Highly Volatile Rapid
Metal Corrosion Extreme Low
Biodegradable NO YES
Health Rating 3 – Severe (poison) 1 – Slight (eyes)
Transportation & Handling Rating Corrosive (Skin, eye & steel) *To Aluminum Only

Certifications & Regulatory

Working with our partners to improve working conditions, minimize environmental impact and develop new alternatives to harmful chemicals
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