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HCR® Vehicle Wash


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HCR® Vehicle Wash

HCR® Vehicle Wash is a powerful cleaning product powered by our patented Enviro-Syn® HCR® technology. An eco-friendly modified acid, HCR® Vehicle Wash delivers superior performance over weaker organic or harsh mineral acid cleaners. The concentrated, low pH formulation breaks down and solubilizes road salt, allowing it to easily be washed away. This product’s enhanced formulation improves contact time to eliminate build up on all vehicle surfaces, even vertical ones, ensuring optimal results quickly and safely. Specially formulated to prevent redeposition, this product coats the surface of the vehicle to ensure it stays clean longer.



  • Farm equipment

  • Tractor-trailer units

  • Cargo trailers

  • Buses

  • Cube vans


​Features & Benefits

  • Low pH solubilizes road salt, preventing corrosion

  • Removes road film, hard mineral stains, bugs, grease, oil and dirt

  • Compatible surfaces include gel coat, fiberglass, chrome and most metals (do not let product dry on surface)

  • Easy application and quick results

  • Deters future soiling and buildup

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