We strive to meet the needs of the present, without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs

Since 2011, we have operated with a deep commitment to ESG, sustainability, safety, quality and corporate responsibility.

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Environment, Social & Governance Program

Environmental Commitment

Greenhouse Gas Emission Reduction + Climate Change

We are committed to lowering greenhouse gas emissions in all industries that we serve and will continue to create long-term value on our journey to help others lower their impact on the environment.

Waste & Pollution

We research, develop and deploy products with higher biodegradability levels and lower bioaccumulate effects than other toxic materials currently and historically utilized.

Water Use + Protection

We innovate solutions to help our partners reduce annual consumption of water by billions of gallons and we are committed to finding ways to significantly decrease the amount of waste/effluent generated in our customers’ operations.

Land Use + Environmental Protection

We use a land and environmental assessment tool to identify and assess environmental risks in the industries we serve and we focus on continuous performance improvement through investment in new technologies and innovation, comprehensive practices, and collaboration with various groups.

Social Commitment

People, Diversity & Inclusion

We are committed to enhancing workplace diversity, fostering a workplace representative of the resident population we serve and removing barriers for diverse employees in recruitment, advancement and retention.


Safety Management

Safety is a core value emphasized through strong leadership and workforce participation at all levels. Management and supervisors spend significant time fostering our frontline-driven safety culture, where every employee contributes to a safe workplace.

Stakeholder Engagement

Our stakeholder group is diverse, spans four continents and includes more than 500 customers, partners, vendors, industry regulators, governments, academia and non-governmental groups. We work together with these groups to identify opportunities for education and training, employment, business development and community investment.

Communities & Social Opportunities

We are committed to a long-term presence in the communities where we operate. We regularly engage with local communities to create shared value and work together to ensure a sustainable world we can all enjoy.

Governance Commitment

Structure & Oversight

Our Board of Directors oversees management’s risk identification assessment and mitigation processes, including review of long-term strategic and operational planning, executive development and evaluation, code of conduct compliance, regulatory compliance, safety and environmental compliance, financial reporting and controllership, and information technology and security.

Our Management Committee is responsible for the identification, assessment and management of risks and opportunities.


Our Environmental, Social, Governance Committee provides internal stewardship reports to the Board, reporting on sustainability performance, key indicators and actions taken to mitigate risks.


Code of Business Conduct & Ethics

Having a strong ethical business culture is core to our business, allows us to focus on our performance and supports all our other business functions. We believe that acting ethically builds and maintains the trust of our people, our communities and our investors. At Fluid, we pride ourselves on our reputation as an ethical, high-performance company, employer, partner, and member of the communities where we operate.

Sustainability Program

We believe companies exist to serve the needs of society and it is society who awards each company the right to operate.

At Fluid, we strive to differentiate ourselves and deliver exceptional returns to society by:

  • Conducting our business in a way that protects the environment and ensures it can meet the needs of future generations

  • Meeting or exceeding all regulations and proactively supporting the development of new policies that enable us to better serve society

  • Providing a safe, healthy and rewarding work environment for our people by recognizing their talent and contributions

  • Engaging our communities in the planning of our projects and including them in benefits that come from their development

  • Managing the investments of our shareholders and capital providers responsibly and ethically to deliver optimal value

  • Treating our partners, suppliers and service providers fairly

Our Commitment to Quality, Health, Safety & the Environment


At Fluid, safety is a core value emphasized through strong leadership and workforce participation at all levels.


Management and supervisors foster frontline-driven safety culture, where every employee contributes to a safe workplace. Fluid bases its health, safety and environment policy on the following criteria:

  • Fluid’s ability to meet challenges in relation to health, safety and the environment is a key factor for the company’s future

  • Fluid maintains high HSE standards

  • Fluid respects people and the environment

  • Fluid ensures relevant laws and regulations are followed and monitors this through regular audits

  • Fluid has a system for measurable HSE parameters which ensures continual improvement


Corporate Responsibility


Fluid’s operations are international and we are proud to have partners and customers around the world.


Even though the challenges vary with the activity and the country, Fluid maintains the same basic principles for all its operations with respect to human rights, health, safety and the environment.


Fluid is committed to operating in accordance with responsible, ethical and sound corporate and business principles and in compliance with all applicable laws and public regulations.