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Global Reach 

Fluid has strategic locations and partnerships worldwide to serve an international customer base

Since 2011, Fluid has been commercializing technically advanced modified, commodity chemicals and promoting the application of safe, effective chemical systems to industry and regulators worldwide.

Our patented and patent-pending formulas are superior to incumbent chemistries, providing many technical, transportation, safety and environmental advantages to our customers.

Modified Acid™ and Synthetic Acid™ Systems – Safe and effective alternative to hydrochloric acid and other organic and inorganic acids

Modified Sodium Hydroxide Systems – Safe and effective alternatives to caustic soda for linear / controlled fluid buffering and low freezing point

Dissolver Chemistries – High-performance barium, strontium and calcium and iron sulfide dissolvers, as well as treatment of NORM

Corrosion Inhibitors – Packages suitable for mineral and organic acid systems and include propargyl alcohol and formic acid free offerings

Surfactants – Optimized and stable packages suitable for cleaning in neutral, low and high pH conditions


New Products & Case Studies

AdobeStock_240121380 - Oil and Gas Production.jpeg

Enviro-Syn® HCR-7000

Case Study
West Africa

A major operator working in West Africa had an offshore oil well that was not producing to its potential.


Enviro-Syn® HCR-7000-WL

Case Study
Permian Basin, Texas

Operational issues during cement placement resulted in approximately 60 m (200 ft) of cement settling in the toe sleeve.


Enviro-Syn® HCR-7000-WL

Case Study
DJ Basin, Colorado

An E&P company operating in the DJ Basin was performing a multistage crosslink plug-and-perf completion project on a multi-well pad in the Niobrara formation.


Enviro-Syn® HCR Modified Acid 

Case Study
Drammen, Norway

Enviro-Syn® HCR® Modified Acid™ provides safe, effective neutralization of alkaline cleaning agent in brewery application.


Enviro-Syn® BSD-40E

Case Study
WCSB, Cadomin, British Columbia

Enviro-Syn® BSD-40E™ barium sulfate dissolver doubles injection rate and reduces treatment costs by 10-fold compared to mechanical remediation on water disposal well.

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