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Fluid is a global chemical company specializing in the development and manufacture of eco-friendly, low-hazard, technically advanced chemical systems

Fluid has been developing and bringing sustainable, technically advanced chemical products to market since 2011.


Who is Fluid?

Founded in Calgary, Alberta, Canada in 2011, Fluid has manufacturing facilities and partnerships strategically positioned in key markets around the world.


Established on principles of researching and developing safer, eco-friendly chemical technologies, the Fluid team is comprised of master’s degree chemists, PhD scientists, engineers and operational experts committed to a better, cleaner future.

The corporate research and manufacturing facility is located in Calgary, Alberta and is a hub of innovation and superior quality manufacturing. High standards of quality are evidenced by facility design, detailed operational procedures, attention paid to optimizing production, controls over labelling and packaging, and post-sale customer care commitment.

With a proven track record of product development and superior service delivery, Fluid technologies and contract manufacturing services are used across multiple industry verticals including HI&I, water treatment, petroleum, food and beverage, construction and coatings, and transportation.

At Fluid, we are driven to solve problems identified by the market and our customers and our mission is to create products that are effective, technically advanced, and minimize impact to our environment while providing the highest levels of quality and safety.

Our Mission, Vision and Values

Our Mission - Icon.jpg

We endeavor to create products that are effective, technically advanced, and minimize impact to our environment while providing the highest levels of quality and safety.

Our Vision - Icon.jpg

To be a respected and globally-recognized developer of innovative, safe and sustainable technologies and products.

Our Values - Icon.jpg

We Create

We innovate new and better products and technologies

We Collaborate

We foster respect and trust with each other and our stakeholders

We Care

We continually improve to operate safely and protect our environment

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About Dorf Ketal

Dorf Ketal Chemicals, established in 1992, stands as a global leader in the development, commercialization, marketing, and application of specialized engineered chemistries tailored for the refining and petrochemical sectors. Dorf Ketal has consistently showcased product and service excellence in the world’s largest refineries and petrochemical plants.

Dorf Ketal is surpassing well-established competitors, securing market share in technically challenging and mission-critical applications within your operations. This has been driven by innovative chemistry and services that are not only responsive to your specific needs but also in the application.


Dorf Ketal’s portfolio of cutting-edge technologies is world-class, and our success is evident in its dominant presence in key regions such as India, Brazil, and Southeast Asia, with continued expansion in progress.

When you choose to partner with Dorf Ketal or any Dorf Ketal company, you are aligning with a company that:

  • Experiences in inventing new chemistries to solve difficult challenges

  • Agile and responsive to your needs

  • Dedicated to delivering results you can measure

Vision: Our vision is to emerge as a global specialty company, powered by our technology, innovation, customer centricity, and exemplary levels of service to maximize the incremental financial, social, and environmental benefits to our customers, our team, our vendors, communities we operate in and other stakeholders.


Mission: To leverage chemistry for a safer, cleaner world by developing sustainable solutions and creating value for customers through innovation.


Corporate Values:

  • Safety

  • Innovation

  • Care

  • Empowerment

Learn more about Dorf Ketal Chemicals >

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