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Fluid has a broad range of household, industrial and institutional cleaning technologies

Our products include innovative solutions for clean-in-place and surface care at home as well as for industrial and institutional environments.

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Featured Products

Super Eco Degreaser

Our Super Eco Degreaser is a concentrated, all-purpose cleaner and degreaser formulated to work in many environments. It offers robust cleaning properties without toxic bleaches and solvents, making it a safer choice for people and the environment.

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CSR™ Cleaner Concentrate

Our CSR™ Cleaner Concentrate product is a versatile caustic soda and potassium hydroxide replacement that can be used as a pH control agent and to prevent scale build-up. Powered by our patented Enviro-Syn® CSR™ modified alkali technology, this unique product provides linear pH control comparable to a 25% caustic solution.

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HCR® Vehicle Wash

Our HCR Vehicle Wash is a powerful cleaning product powered by Enviro-Syn® HCR®, a proprietary, eco-friendly Modified Acid™ technology. HCR Vehicle Wash delivers superior performance over weaker organic or harsh mineral acid cleaners. The concentrated, low pH formulation breaks down and solubilizes road salt, allowing it to easily be washed away.

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