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Fluid is a leading developer, manufacturer and distributor of sustainable, technically advanced chemical products

Our eco-friendly technologies provide superior performance over incumbents while replacing hazardous commodity chemicals commonly used in all markets

Contact us to learn more, obtain product or safety data sheets, and to order.

Our Technologies

Modified Acid™ and Synthetic Acid™ Systems – Safe and effective alternatives to hydrochloric acid and other organic and inorganic acids

Modified Sodium Hydroxide Systems – Safe and effective alternatives to caustic soda for linear / controlled fluid buffering and low freezing point.

Dissolver Chemistries – High-performance barium, strontium and calcium sulfate, and iron sulfide dissolvers, as well as treatment of NORM

Corrosion Inhibitors – Packages suitable for mineral and organic acid systems and include propargyl alcohol and formic acid free offerings

Surfactants – Optimized and stable packages suitable for cleaning in neutral, low and high pH conditions


Our Construction & Coatings product portfolio includes a range of products safe and effective for stripping, etching, coating or sealing concrete. Our products are formulated to eliminate or greatly reduce corrosion as well as environmental and human related liability.

Products & Technology Options

  • Modified acid-based cleaning products

  • Water-based degreasers

  • Concrete surface preparation

  • Concrete removal


We have an extensive portfolio of innovative onshore and offshore technologies for the Energy & Petroleum sector that solve tough completions and stimulation challenges, increase production and greatly minimize liabilities.

Products & Technology Options

  • Low to Ultra-High temperature Modified Acid™ Series

  • Halogen-free / chloride free Synthetic Acid™

  • Chrome-safe Modified Acid™

  • Hydrofluoric Modified Acid™

  • World Class portfolio of Ultra-HT / Food Grade & North Sea Approved corrosion inhibitors

  • High performance sulfate dissolvers

  • Modified sodium hydroxide

  • Colloids & Nano Materials


Our Food & Beverage portfolio of technologies effectively and safely descale, clean and sanitize processing equipment. We have options that reduce corrosion, contamination and storage concerns as well as 2-in-1 systems (caustic and descaling) designed to reduce cleaning cycles.

Products & Technology Options

  • Modified acid-based cleaning and disinfecting products

  • Alkaline-based cleaning products

  • 2-in-1 product offerings to improve efficiency


Our HI&I product line includes a broad range of products and technologies including innovative solutions for clean-in-place, surface care and corrosion protection for precious metals.

Products & Technology Options

  • Modified acid-based cleaning and disinfecting products

  • Synthetic acid-based cleaning and disinfecting products

  • Alkaline-based cleaning products

  • Solvent-based cleaners and degreasers

  • Water-based cleaners and degreasers


We offer a range of Marine & Transportation products suitable for water treatment systems on marine vessels as well as scale, rust removal, corrosion for marine vessels and vehicles.


Products & Technology Options

  • Modified acid cleaning and disinfecting products

  • Synthetic acid cleaning and disinfecting products

  • Alkaline-based cleaners

  • Solvent-based cleaners, degreasers and washer fluid

  • Water-based cleaners, degreasers, tire shine, conditioners and washer fluid


Our broad portfolio of proprietary technologies solve tough challenges in Water Treatment including sulfate scales (barium and more), corrosion, pH adjustment and microbial activity.

Products & Technology Options

  • Barium-sulfate dissolvers

  • Metal-sulfide dissolvers

  • Modified acid descaling products

  • Synthetic acid descaling products

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