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Deck Cleaner


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Deck Cleaner

Our Deck Cleaner is a powerful and eco-friendly non-skid product that effectively lifts dirt and grime from all boat surfaces including textured decks. Specially formulated to prevent redeposition, this product coats the deck surface so it stays cleaner longer and improves future cleaning cycles. This product typically outperforms other caustics, solvents and dangerous chemicals while offering a safer option for you, your boat and the environment.


  • Effectively cleans and protects all marine surfaces including metals, vinyl, plastic, wood, rubber and fiberglass.


​Features & Benefits

  • Removes oils, grease, dirt, salt, sediment and staining

  • Deters future soiling and build-up

  • Easy application and quick results

  • Effective on textured surfaces

  • Protects against UV damage

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