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Enviro-Syn® BSD-40E™

Enviro-Syn® BSD-40E™ is a proprietary, high-performance NORM (naturally occurring radioactive material) descaler. This product is designed to efficiently remove sulfate scale and has the unique ability to dissolve extremely high amounts of barium sulfate.

Enviro-Syn BSD-40E has additional chemistry that reduces the size of the sulfate particles and limits reprecipitation out of solution. Sulfate scale causes formation damage which reduces production, hosts bacteria, fouls piping, tanks and process equipment all greatly reducing the profitability of operations.

Features & Benefits

  • Lower pH than competitor products

  • High dissolution rate

  • Low activation temperature

  • Superior barium sulfate solubility 

  • Reduces size of scale particles in solution 

  • Limits reprecipitation of scale

  • Concentrated options available


  • Dissolves strontium, barium and calcium sulfate scale

  • Surface scaling 

    • ​Water cooling systems

    • Industrial boilers and scrubbers

    • Heat exchangers and pipelines

    • HVAC and fire systems

    • Separators, hydrocyclones, degassers

Enviro-Syn® BSD-40E™
Product Data Sheet

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