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Concrete Truck Wash


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Concrete Truck Wash

Our Concrete Truck Wash is one of the most powerful concrete cleaners on the market. Powered by Enviro-Syn® HCR-7000™, an environmentally responsible Modified Acid™, this product delivers superior performance while displacing weak organic or harsh mineral acid cleaners with a safe and effective alternative. It also prevents redeposition by coating the surface of the truck to ensure the unit stays clean longer and improves future cleaning cycles.


  • Ideal for cleaning concrete and cement trucks and associated equipment

  • Compatible surfaces include gel coat, fiberglass, chrome, painted surfaces and most metals (NOTE: Avoid contact with raw aluminum surfaces and do not let product dry on surfaces)

Features & Benefits

  • Removes concrete, cement, oil, grease, dirt and grime

  • Enhanced formulation improves contact time to eliminate build up on all surfaces

  • Easy application and quick results

  • Readily Biodegradable

  • Low-fuming

  • Deters future soiling and build-up​

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