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Crystal Clear Boat Wash


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Crystal Clear Boat Wash

Our Crystal Clear Boat Wash is one of the most powerful and eco-friendly cleaners on the market. With its concentrated foaming formula, a little goes a long way, so you spend less time cleaning and more time boating. Crystal Clear Boat Wash eliminates stains and build up on all surfaces delivering optimal results quickly and safely. With a streak-free shine, this product coats the boat surface, so it stays cleaner longer and prevents redeposition to improve future cleaning cycles. When used as instructed, Crystal Clear Boat Wash helps prevent corrosion and pitting on metal surfaces.



  • Effectively cleans and protects all marine surfaces including most metals, vinyl, plastic, wood, rubber and fiberglass


​Features & Benefits

  • Concentrated foaming formula

  • Easy application and quick results

  • Removes oils, grease, dirt, salt, sediment and staining

  • Removes rust stains on fibreglass

  • Deters future soiling and build-up

  • Prevents corrosion and pitting on metals when used as instructed

  • Streak-free finish

  • Phosphate free

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