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Enviro-Syn® CSR-3000PLUS


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Enviro-Syn® CSR-3000PLUS

Enviro-Syn® CSR-3000PLUS is part of Fluid’s eco-friendly modified alkali product line. It has comparable abilities of caustic solutions while reducing the hazardous exposure and corrosion properties commonly associated with those solutions. It can be used in any situation where the pH level needs to be adjusted. In water treatment situations, this product effectively suppresses calcium and magnesium in hard water and is an effective degreaser.



  • Scale dissolver

  • Cleaning of pipes, heat exchangers, boilers, RO membranes

  • Sea-water inlets

  • Refineries

  • Water cooling facilities

  • Industrial or municipal plants

  • Desalination plants


​Features & Benefits

  • Suppresses calcium and magnesium precipitation in hard water

  • Eliminates use of caustic soda bags

  • Comparable pH control to a 25% caustic solution but with a -40°C/°F freeze point

  • Improved steel/aluminum corrosion compared to 25% caustic solution

  • Linear pH balance

  • Low aquatic toxicity

  • Biodegradable

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