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CSR-CIP – Optimum


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CSR-CIP – Optimum

CSR-CIP – Optimum offers an enhanced performance and safety profile compared to traditional sodium hydroxide and potassium hydroxide product offerings in the market. Powered by Enviro-Syn® CSR™ technology, paired with premium surfactants, CSR-CIP – Optimum reduces energy, chemical and water consumption for CIP alkaline rinse cleaning cycles.



Process pipe cleaning for:

  • Beverage industry

  • Dairy industry

  • Breweries

  • Wineries

Features & Benefits

  • Enviro-Syn CSR technology

  • Effective organic buildup removal at ambient temperature eliminates the need to heat product, reducing energy consumption and costs

  • Competitive offering to traditional caustics used in CIP applications in terms of performance with an enhanced safety profile

  • Lower volume of product required per wash compared to traditional caustics due to additives that improve cleaning efficiency

  • Corrosion inhibitor technology helps protect stainless steel

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