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CSR™ Cleaner Concentrate


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CSR™ Cleaner Concentrate

Our CSR Cleaner Concentrate product is a versatile caustic soda and potassium hydroxide replacement that can be used as a pH control agent and to prevent scale build-up. Powered by our patented Enviro-Syn® CSR™ modified alkali technology, this unique product provides linear pH control comparable to a 25% caustic solution with a freezing point of -40°F (-40°C).



  • Neutralization agent

  • Anti-scalant

  • pH control agent that suppresses calcium and magnesium precipitation in hard water

  • Cleaning and degreasing of process equipment and tanks

  • H2S and CO2 sequestration

  • Caustic scrubbers


 Features & Benefits

  • Comparable pH control to a 25% caustic solution

  • Linear pH control allows for precise manipulation of pH

  • Eliminates the need to handle caustic soda bags

  • Freezing point is well below traditional caustic solutions, reducing heating requirements and costs for transportation and storage

  • Improved steel and aluminum corrosion rates over traditional caustic products

  • Biodegradable

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