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Enviro-Syn® HCR-7000-WL®

Enviro-Syn® HCR-7000-WL® is part of the proprietary, eco-friendly Modified Acid™ product portfolio that minimizes the hazardous exposure levels, corrosion rates and negative HSE properties of hydrochloric acid (HCl), while maintaining the positive aspects of solubilizing ability and reactivity rates. Enviro-Syn HCR-7000-WL is a strong modified acid that in concentrate has similar solubilizing abilities as 15% HCl and can be enhanced through the addition of conventional oilfield chemistry.

Fluid’s wireline compatible blends enable operators to spot acid with perforating bottom hole assemblies (BHAs) saving substantial amounts of water and time in hydraulic fracturing operations. High spent pH stability, and the calcium- and iron-coordinating effects of Enviro-Syn HCR-7000-WL reduces the precipitation issues prevalent with HCl. This will minimize or eliminate formation damage that can occur when using HCl as a spearhead acid and assist with effluent management.

Features & Benefits

  • Aggressive reaction rate (spend nature) versus typical modified or synthetic acid systems for spearhead treatments

  • Wireline compatible – custom blend allows 
    spotting of acid with wireline and tools in hole 

  • Reduces frac spread pumping time (average 10 – 15 min/stage depending on well design) as ball and acid are at perforations

  • Reduces water requirements by one hole volume per stage (average 30 – 50 m3/stage, 8,000 – 13,000 gal/stage depending on well design)

  • Allows acid to be accurately spotted across all perforation clusters for optimal acid diversion and frac placement

  • Adjust concentrations on the fly for zones with 
    tougher breakdowns 

  • Minimal reprecipitation of scale at high pH levels 

  • Long-term casing and cable corrosion protection 
    in case of delayed events

  • No degradation of wireline coating or jacket

  • Compatible with typical elastomers used in oil and 
    gas (e.g., Viton, Nitrile and EPDM)

  • High stability in solution

  • Blends available up to 150°C (302°F)


  • Acid spearhead, stimulation and workover treatments

  • Enables spotting of spearhead acid with the perforating guns (patented and patent-pending process)

Enviro-Syn® HCR-7000-WL®
Product Data Sheet

Case Studies
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Case Studies

Enviro-Syn® HCR-7000-WL®

Permian basin, Spraberry formation, Texas

Enviro-Syn® HCR-7000-WL® Modified Acid™ removes cement plugs

Enviro-Syn® HCR-7000-WL®

DJ Basin, Niobrara Formation, Colorado

Enviro-Syn® HCR-7000-WL® Modified Acid™ system saves pumping time and mitigates HSE risk compared to HCl

Fluid’s HCR-7000 formulations are covered by the following patents: US 10,822,535B2 and are subject to the following pending patent applications: US16/691,815; US17/190,624; and US17/190,690. Various methods are patented by Fluid Energy Ltd. (Dorf Ketal) and are covered by the following U.S. Patents: US 11,168,246B2; US 11,485,902B2; US 11,492,542B2; US 11,591,511B2; US 11,795,379B2; US 11,840,913B2; and US 11,898,098B2; and are subject to the following pending patent applications: US 17/516,214; US 17/934,293; US 18/069,091; US 18/145,590; US 18/583,037; US 18/614,124; and US 18/614,191.

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